The US have advised due to large orders from their Armed Services they have discontinued sales to domestic and overseas customers.

We remain available for spares and support.

Our apologies, but this is beyond our control.

Ready Welder Corporation

Six years went into the research and development of the Ready Welder Models. Alpha and Beta testing was performed on the Ready Welder models for over two years and the models have been commercially sold for more than eight years. It's Patented wire feed circuitry, quality parts, and journeyman workmanship, make the Ready Welder II a must have tool for not only Professionals, but for Do-it-Yourself Handy-men and Handy-women as well.

Ready Welder Corporation stands by its products, its product warranties, and its method of conducting business. Ready Welder is about integrity of management, manufacturing and product-development and continuous improvement.

Mission Statement

Ready Welder Corporation is dedicated to increasing shareholder value through its focus of delivering excellence in performance, flexibility and technology, and to exceed customer expectations in product quality, delivery and service.

Pick Products

Pick Products is the trading name of Guthrie Partners Pty Ltd ACN 118 665 991, a wholly Australian-owned company.

Pick Products distributes quality welding equipment.