The US have advised due to large orders from their Armed Services they have discontinued sales to domestic and overseas customers.

We remain available for spares and support.

Our apologies, but this is beyond our control.


The 10000MDP-CS Model was designed especially for ships, oceangoing workboats, all grounded vessels, as well as Aircraft Carriers.

This Unit is housed in a Pelican, heavy-duty case that is airtight and waterproof.

The case includes our AC to DC Power Converter, battery cabling hookup, with the following essential spare parts: Extra wire spools, gasless flux core wire, extra welding tips, two (2) 6m extension cables and 18m of extra gas hose, and a NATO Slave Plug. The Cold Switch Assembly is housed in a fist-sized red plastic box.

The Naval Pack weighs less than 30kg. The Ready Welder itself is incredibly portable, a quality tool, and easy to use! The Naval Pack has a two (2) year 100% parts and labour warranty.

This Unit is referred to as the "Cold Switch Model". We have developed it for the additional Safety provided by the fact that an arc cannot be struck unless the operator is ready to weld. He then pulls the trigger to restore welding power.


10000MDP-CS Features:

  • Welds steel, stainless and aluminium or any metals where standard one or two pound spools are available connects to batteries, or any 24V to 36V DC power source.
    • 18 volt batteries can do thin sheet metal
    • 24 volt will single pass ½"/12.5mm @275 amp
    • 36 volt will weld up to ¾"/19mm @350 to 400 amp
  • Welds 22 gauge to ¾"/19mm
  • Connects to mig/constant voltage output welders
  • Uses wire sizes from 0.6mm to 1.2mm without changing rollers
  • Uses heavy-duty tweco quality front end consumables
  • Wire speeds of 1.3m to 23m per minute
  • Polarity indicator lights
  • 5m cable with quick disconnects
  • 2 × 6m extension cables
  • AC to DC power converter to drive gun controls when connected to cc/stick machines
  • Built-in gas valve
  • Ground cable attached

Ready Welder II Case Includes:

  • RWII high-impact MIG gun
  • 5m of cable
  • Two spools of flux core wire
  • 300 amp ground clamp
  • Two spools of aluminium, 4043 & 5356
  • Gas hose fitting
  • Quick disconnects on all connections
  • 15m of gas hose
  • Water proof, airtight heavy-duty case
  • Two twenty foot extensions
  • Extra circuit board
  • Twenty five 0.9mm and 1.0mm contact tips
  • Essential spare parts
  • NATO MIL-spec slave plug
  • Cold switch assembly encased in a red plastic box